I am not blogging at the moment because I am writing.

I am not tweeting.

Nor am I watching the news because I just want to throw things at my TV.

I listen to songs that remind me of summer, including some great Kenny Chesney.

I listen to Mozart.

I listen to chill music, current and old stuff, I don’t know the trendy name something dub.

I occasionally drink wine.

I have a new home office, a new writing space that I love. Maybe I’ll share a picture. In my home, I have some old Victorian vintage furniture and pieces but my office is light and “modern” and I love it.

I hung my colorful Billabong surf blanket bought at a surf shop in California on my wall.

I am loving snowfall. And sledding. And most of all tubing with my child.

My husband is my rock. I love spending time with my family.

I love research. I was a professional researcher. My favorite word from the late 19th century for snow is “blenky” that means big white fluffy perfect snowball making snowflakes. “Blenky” snow.

In my daily world, McKinley is President. Hmmm.

When I am not writing I am reading. I am excited to read the next Alan Furst on my list. You can find me on GoodReads. Right now I’m reading:

The Woman In Cabin 10

John D. Macdonald

Elizabeth Peters – Amelia Peabody Book #1

Elizabeth Peters – Amelia Peabody Book #2



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