I’ve read many mysteries. There is nothing I love more than curling up with a good book. After I had to leave NYU, I did not return home. Instead, I decided to get a job, my first job ever. I got a job working as a receptionist in the HQ for a hotel company in Manhattan, next to the Plaza Hotel in the Crown Building. After a long day and a subway ride home, I’d lie in my cramped loft apartment (I could barely stand up the ceiling was so low!) and read. I devoured every mystery series I could get my hands on. I’d already read Agatha Christie and Dick Francis but I also got into hardboiled detectives like Spillaine’s Mike Hammer, Chandler, and the Fletch series. Later, I moved back home and finished my degree and my husband and I got a walk-up apartment in “Uptown” Minneapolis and there after a long days work, I’d curl up in our little apartment in the summer (the only room that was air conditoned) and I read every Sue Grafton I could find. I love mysteries. When we moved out to a gorgeous wooded setting and pond, I worked at a bookstore and discovered Rex Stout. Then, after my baby was born, I read while she napped in our California townhome, palm fronds flapping in the breeze as I delighted in Jacqueline Winspear. Lately, I’ve been busy writing but downloaded the complete works of Doyle, Sherlock Holmes onto my Nook and iPad. It’s been years since I read Doyle but I’m loving it. We also recently marathoned Sherlock on the BBC which is a great show.

My favorite mystery authors include but are not limited to:

Agatha Christie


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Dick Francis


Sue Grafton


Jacqueline Winspear (historical)


Rex Stout


John D. MacDonald


Robert Crais


P. D. James


David Liss (historical)

drewtweedLet’s face it though — it all started with you-know-who Nancy Drew. My mom gave me her vintage “tweeds” when I was a girl. I was hooked.


published writer, mom, wife, reader, mystery geek, history lover & caretaker of one crazy lovable border collie and 3 rescued tree frogs.