Raymond Chandler referred to Sunset Blvd. as an “asphalt river.” I’ve spent nights, with my favorite person, (my hubby) driving down the asphalt river, winding around under the flapping palm fronds and white moon, smelling the musky eaucalyptus & sweet jasmine, talking about everything and nothing, listening to music, looking at the amber-hued lights behind gates and hedges, until we break out into the great Pacific in Malibu, like we’ve reached the end of the universe… or just the beginning… and the nighttime waves crash against the shore… and it’s a pinnacle feeling, of reaching a height when you get there… there is

no is that all there is?’ feeling, no; instead the feeling is…

why can’t this last forever?

This song captures that & it’s a great late-night writing tune. Sometimes I just love California. Sometimes… it works it’s magic…

“California nights make me feel so happy I could die… but I tryyyyy to stay alive…”


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